Strikehold Gun Cleaner

"I found Strikehold at a gun show in Newbern, N.C. A Strikehold rep demonstrated it there. He took an ordinary electric drill sprayed the motor with a blast of Strikehold then locked it wide open full power and held it by the cord and dipped it in a 5-gallon bucket of water! No sparks and the drill kept running in or out of the water. My son who at the time was stationed a MAS Cherry Point asked if I thought the stuff would work to clean and protect our firearms. I told him if it could keep that electric motor in that drill from burning up and electrocuting the guy standing in a puddle of water it would be worth a try. It's all we use now."

"I live on the Alabama gulf coast. The humidity is very bad, everything sweats and if it's steel or iron it will rust.
Strikehold works, Period."
Joe S. Perdido Bay, AL.

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