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-As a RET Special Forces operator, and primary Armour for the 101st Air Assault Div under Gen David Petreaus, combined 26yrs experience, I can attest to the fact that StrikeHold is by far the most effective and wondrous cleaner, lubricant on weapons and or anything rusty out in the weather. As far as electrical equipment, I especially run fans outdoors for my dogs in the hot summer weather, rain or shine. These fans are not outdoor fans. All I do is spray the electrical components, and the outlets where they plug in, StrikeHold dissipates water and they can keep running in the rain, no worries. I started my Dad using it on his farm equipment, and he has thrown away all his other spray lubricants. We refer to StrikeHold as the magic spray. I can say a lot more, but no room here.



-Basically, this product [StrikeHold] has been tested by numerous units on post and in the Army. It has been tested against various other cleaning products past and present and nothing else measures up or cleans and protects to the same level. 

Respectfully, Jonathon A. Glenn 1LT, IN BDE AS4


-I just returned from the Sig Sauer Academy where I earned my certification as a Master Pistol Instructor and a Master Rifle Instructor. It was an awesome experience where I pushed myself and my equipment far beyond perceived limitations. I am proud to tell you that even while shooting nearly 3,500 rounds in 4 days in 103 degrees heat on a dry and dusty range, StrikeHold kept all my guns running smoothly with ZERO malfunctions. I've been a true believer of StrikeHold since you introduced it to me in 2004. I have used it exclusively in three combat tours in Iraq, in the firearms instruction classes I provide, on all of my competition guns (USPSA, IDPA, 3-GUN, NRA Bulls Eye, ATA, NSSA, NRA F-Class), on my concealed carry guns, and now through the rigors of the toughest firearms training I've ever undergone. Thank you for the finest product on the market.

Howard "Chip" Hall (LTC, USMC) Owner, Chief Instructor Gun Whisper, LLC.


-StrikeHold is working miracles for us and think we've invented a 100 more uses for it. All rave about it. So thank you for what you've done by helping us.

Colonel John Campbell (presently General) Regimental Commander 504th PIR, Ft Bragg


-Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about StrikeHold. Our initial testing with three separate Ranger classes indicates that StrikeHold does live up to its reputation!.... we'll be buying some more. Rangers lead the way! 

Jon T. Anderson MAJ, IN S4, Ranger Training Brigade Ft Benning,


-All of our SWAT team guys continue to use your product and everyone is really satisfied with the spraying fact it's getting to where everybody has to keep their can locked up or someone will walk away with it!... Whenever we do training with other agencies we tell them about Strike Hold and how it is a product that actually works unlike some of the other stuff out there on the market.



-I have always been a PB Blaster guy and now have our division, Beach Patrol, ordering [StrikeHold] for all our equipment which is boats, trucks, jet skis, trailers, ATVs, weight equipment, etc. I first put it on my sidearm, since I am on the beach all the time and have to worry about rust on my sights. Well, even to this day I haven't had any rust on my gun yet. I have sprayed it on various pieces of my dive equipment and it is amazing how it lubricates and protects. it makes everything work much better under water. 



-I am the weapons guy on ODA 5. you talked to when you were up to A/I5 SFG(A) at Ft. Campbell. We got a couple of cases of that StrikeHold you brought up from Fla. I was just wondering how difficult would it be to go through our B-tm and get some sent out here to Iraq? (maybe 24 cans) It has proven to be a great lube and a great cleaner whenever we get these nasty sandstorms. Most of the time when I disassemble my .50 cal after a sandstorm its full of sand, but I just spray and it knocks most of it out. I just let it drain out and wipe it down. The gun is good as new.

Thanks, Frank M.


-This is pretty amazing stuff. Once you use it, you will throw out your WD-40 etc. It REALLY works. Not just on metal but even on plastics. The gal at the RV show sprayed a HOT electrical connection then WITH HER hands put the entire connection in a clear plastic tub of water. We jumped back as we didn't want her to 'lite us up' when she got electrocuted, but the 'coated' connectors were truly isolated from the water---not sure EITHER one of us would try that trick, but it has made plugging in RV connectors go together without any effort, has done a great job on gun cleaning, and even has made a plastic electric roll up wheel that hasn't worked in years now operate like new. Wish I could set a sales commission from selling this stuff as it will sell itself.

Harlan Steinle, Mesa, Arizona


-I was recently deployed to [undisclosed location] with the 116th bct. We were issued Mil-Tec CLP and but it was the StrikeHold that protected our weapons from the wet weather in the winter and the sand and dust in the summer. Strike-hold saved us valuable time in the maintenance of our weapons. I won't use any other CLP now.

Infantry officer US Marine Corps.


-I was a small Arms Master Gunner for 2/502 and 2nd BDE, 101st Airborne Div.  You gave us a demonstration of StrikeHold...just prior to the divisions deployment in 2003.  We were so impressed that we purchased quite a bit.  the stuff is liquid gold and we used it almost exclusively for the 1st 6 months in [Iraq].  When the divisions deployment was extended to 13 months the supply dried up really fast because anyone who had any left hoarded it and sprayed down their weapons when no one else was around.  When I returned [to Ft. Drum] I recommended StrikeHold to all of the grunts and S-4's I trained.  thank you for a number one product that really made life easier for the 101st grunts in Iraq.  I will continue to recommend StrikeHold to all fellow shooters. 

Paul Marns, SFC, IN (Ret)


-Hey, how's it going? Here, all is fine. getting ready to put these m-14s to work. the StrikeHold has been doing well. good reviews. got it out to some of the teams. the like it with there m-4s, m-240s, 249s, m-2 .50 call and MK 19s. hopefully Break free becomes a thing of the past! the have gone and placed orders. still other teams have not gotten it so I am trying to get it out to them. I am going to borrow a can from some teams to give to others. I gave some to the navy seals, (esp. with the water displacement property), a British infantry unit has some, gonna try to get some to the Aussies, and got some to the Indiana Nat Guard. they were all lookin: for somethin: that would work better than what they had. hope they like it. will try to keep tabs on them. address here is I will try to get some to the armourer/ gunsmith at Camp Doha. I feel it works so well, everyone needs to know about it.

SFC John 5th Special Forces Sniper Locker


-Unbelievable Product! "Bought a case at the show and came home to share it with my neighbors and friends. They are amazed! One neighbor has a lawn service and she is using it on her commercial mowers. Another neighbor is a contractor and he is using it on his tools. We love the stuff!"

Chris Schmutz, Florida


-Both my co-worker and I have electrical backgrounds and our jobs consist of daily installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. After observing a product demonstration, we decided to buy a case of Strike Hold. Today we use it on just about everything we touch, i.e. motor starters, relays, pressure switches, level switches, transmitters, auto parts, UTV parts, and most importantly, as hunters in the South, it's great to clean guns with! Now it's a necessity at the work site and we keep it in inventory so that we always have some on hand.

Keith Thibodaux

-It took me 30+ years to find StrikeHold. The wait was well worth it! You see, I am now 65 years old and the Army issued that shovel to me when I was 22. Thanks to Strike Hold, I still have the shovel and it still works like the day I got it. ....I gave a can of this "magic" to each of my closest friends.
Jerry Vasquez, Clearwater Beach, FL


-As a member of the 82nd ABN DIV reconnaissance Team I had the opportunity to put StrikeHold CLP to the test during the early phases of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  StrikeHold's performance exceeded all of expectations.  I used StrikeHold on my M4 carbine and M240B Machine Gun, while I used a military issue lube on my MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher.  All 3 weapons went with me through hundreds of missions in a variety of conditions and I got to see the first-hand difference in performance between the different lubricants.  After going cross-country through the desert dirt and dust, the weapon with the standard military issue "wet lube" was completely caked with dirt and dust.  The dirt would absorb the lube and turn into a thick sludge.  The weapon still functioned but daily cleaning and maintenance was a nightmare.  The weapons maintained with StrikeHold never got more than a light covering of dust, which would get entirely blown away when the weapon was fired.  The "dry-lube" (StrikeHold) repelled the dust and kept the weapons adequately lubricated.  I have never had a single failure to fire, or malfunction with the M4 or the 240B.  I continue to use StrikeHold for all my weapons, and I encourage others to do so as well.

SGT ***


-StrikeHold does a really good job cleaning my pistols after a day at the range.  As an Army Veteran, I have had weapons maintenance drilled into me. I believe this is a very good product at a great price.

Grant Pahmeier 


-Your product gave us more confidence that our assigned weapon would not fail when we needed it. the traditional Army CLP just jammed up our weapons like wet-sandpaper on our bolts.  We spent a lot of time driving through moon-dust (worse than sand because it is finer and billows up much easier).  All our weapons would get dirty as hell.  Strike-Hold prevented that moon-dust from clinging to the working parts of our weapons much better than the traditional [Army issue] CLP.  Not to mention, when it came time to clean those suckers up after a long day of patrol, StrikeHold made it a snap...which meant my guys were able to get more needed rack time. 

Mortar Platoon Leader and Rifle Platoon Leader with 2-27th IN "Wolfhounds", 3rd BDE/25th ID


-The solvent qualities of StrikeHold are amazing. I am in the process of treating all of my firearms with your product. Although these were cleaned and oiled [with another product] before being put away, I can't believe how much material, lead and other residues that your product loosened up. Terrific stuff!

John Schultz


-I was very pleased with the performance of StrikeHold during my pre-deployment training and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan. During our pre-deployment training our team fired some 8,000 rounds of 5.56 ball, 5.56 linked, and 7.62 linked ammunition and Strike-Hold make cleaning the weapons quick and easy. Following our days at the range, we were able to clean 2 M240's, 2 M249's, and 7 M4 weapons in one evening. I must also mention that during our range days it rained on us constantly, yet we had no problem with rust after using your product. While in Afghanistan, we were able to clean our weapons and wipe them dry with no adverse effects. During our deployment, it even rained on us (very heavy for the region) and in spite of the fact that the weapons were dry (dust prevention), no one on the team had any problems with rust. I am pleased with the product and have purchased several cases to support future field experimentation. 

Fred S. Armament Tech, Fort Benning, GA


-After reviewing all of the product info you sent us, and after purchasing a can of StrikeHold over the counter, we have extensively tested it for corrosion resistance and lubrication on our SWAT weapons as well as in a maritime environment. We were impressed with its performance; we currently do not have a product that can match its performance. I, as the master trainer and lead armorer, have made a recommendation that we purchase this product for use department-wide.



-My 15-year-old son dropped his cell phone in his bath water. The phone would not work or even light up. He took it apart and sprayed StrikeHold on the inside and after a few minutes, it started working again. It saved me over $200 for a replacement phone. (A note from StrikeHold: You should always refer to your warranty before applying any product to your cell phone!)

Buddy Melton


-We purchased an above ground pool and when my wife got ready to plug the filter into the outside outlet that had not been used in over 4 years it would not work and could not get any power to it.  She ran an extension cord from the house to the filter and called an electrician. Fortunately, he could not come for a couple of days. I told my wife to get my 2 oz bottle of StrikeHold and spray the outlet and plug. She did not think it would help but sprayed it anyway. The outlet started working after a few seconds and she called the electrician back and cancelled the service call. This saved me another $125-$150 dollars for the service call and parts. StrikeHold corrected both problems with a few pumps from the bottle. What a great product!!! Thanks. 

Buddy Melton Easley, SC. 


-We here in the Middle East Theater are increasingly going to a weapons lube called "StrikeHold"...instead of the old sand magnet CLP. It's performance has been flawless so far and I definitely want to keep on using it on my personal weapons when my tour is up.

SSG ***.Tallil, IRAQ


-Every one of my firearms have been disassembled and conditioned with Strike Hold. The bores have been conditioned also. As temps are still above -20 below, frost still has yet to set on any of them that have been afield. One of my Ruger Mini 14 rifles has spent close to 30 hours afield with me and, recently when i disassembled it to clean it the StrikeHold was still doing a fine job. Only needed to clean burnt powder and copper from the action and bore. The big cold -50 to -65 below are still weeks away, but with what I can see the moisture has not defeated the Strike Hold. I gave the spray can of it to my Smith, he is giving it a try as well. In the past, he has used Break Free, gallons of it over the years. I challenge him to prove that Break free can outperform StrikeHold. He is still trying to see which one he would use on his own firearms. He has many firearms he receives from the native villages that have been left in a boat all season. Many more that have hung outside a trapper's cabin all winter, and also kept on a sled all season as well. A good number of them have turned to junk from these practices. On a brief call I just had with him, he has conditioned several of the survivors of these firearms with StrikeHold and sent them back out to the villages. He advises me that he is conditioning one of his rifles with your product and sitting it outside for a week or so to let frost have its way with it. I'm sure that after doing so he will be pleased with the product.

Vic Kennard, Alaska


-I asked what StrikeHold was at my local gun store. I trust all of their opinions implicitly, so what he said was "Only the greatest thing ever! We even used it on the full autos, including the machine guns." I immediately bought a bottle and tried it on my carry gun. Just perfect. I went back today and got the giant sized spray bottle for guns and other, larger applications. Such a great product!

Mike, on Facebook