Force5 Gun Lube. Guns Review

Used by more than 200 US law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security and military agencies, Force5 Gun Lube is a corrosion inhibitor, lubricant and cleaner to keep your firearms in good working order. Initially developed for the military to preserve gun and automatic weapon function in the desert, Force5 Gun Lube is now on the civilian market. A black powder version is also available for muzzle-loading weapons. For more info: (678) 883-3578.

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  • Guy, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. We have a bunch going on and your free samples were a dropped ball not a bad promise. I believe that has been corrected. BW

    • Bobby Williams
  • Case of Force 5 Marine Gun Lube???? Several weeks ago I spoke to the new owner, who was in Indiana at the time, and was promised a case (12 cans) of your 12 oz. aerosol GUN lube. Since it never arrived did I miss something in the translation? I have several of my department’s Glocks apart and waiting. Address: 2789 CR 3859, Hawkins, TX 75765. Again it’s Guy Powell. Thank you kindly!

    • Guy Powell