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STRIKEHOLD FIELD TEST #101 Automotive Repair Shop

"This product made me throw away all other rust and corrosion products in my shop!" If the US Military uses this stuff on the M1A2 AbramsTank, then it must be a pretty good product to use on a car."

STRIKEHOLD FIELD TEST #17 Panama Ports Authority-Heavy Industrial Maintenance

Panama Ports Authority-A saltwater port is a harsh environment for all types of machinery and equipment. With constant corrosive saltwater, gale force winds, and extreme heat this is a hard place to maintain equipment and operations.

STRIKEHOLD FIELD TEST #37 Outboard Engine Service and Maintenance.

Strikehold® Marine provides a long-lasting dry lubricant which prevents rust and corrosion.

STRIKEHOLD FIELD TEST #38 MV-22 Osprey Rotor Replacement.

What does the USMC use to protect and clean a $72.1 million dollar MV-22B Osprey?


“I just returned from the Sig Sauer Academy where I earned my certification as a Master Pistol Instructor and a Master Rifle Instructor.