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Our Story

StrikeHold is a family-owned company, established in 2002 and located in Lawrenceville, Georgia. StrikeHold® and StrikeHold Marine® are manufactured in Marble Hill, Georgia, USA.




We manufacture commercial and industrial chemical products. We choose our product formulations carefully, with the consumer in mind, and as a result our customers get the products they need, performing above other “comparable” products, at a price that is fair and reasonable.


Originally developed 13 years ago for the US Armed Forces, StrikeHold® has been battle tested on all types of weapons systems, from 9 mil pistols, M110sniper rifles, M4 to 50 cal, field artillery and even M1A2 Abrams!





StrikeHold® Marine provides a long-lasting dry lubricant which prevents rust and corrosion. It also helps dry out wet electrical circuitry and other water sensitive parts, and will actually improve electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts, including circuitry andconnections. This high-performance anti-corrosion lubricant/penetrant stops and prevents saltwater rust and corrosion on all metal parts. Used by the US Navy, US Coast Guard and USMC.