NRA-American Rifleman Strikehold Review

Initially developed for use by the U.S. military,
Strikehold is a cleaner/lubricant/protectant
that goes on wet to break up fouling and
rust from your firearm’s metal components, and
then leaves behind a corrosion-resistant film as it
dries. For use on all metals, the compound’s lubricating
qualities greatly reduce the friction caused
by metal-to-metal contact, without building up
and attracting dirt, dust and other debris like some
similar products. Strikehold will not damage rubber
parts, wood nishes or most plastics. It is available
in a 12-oz. aerosol can (shown) and in 8- or 16-oz.
spray bottles. Price: $12. Contact: Strikehold;
(678) 883-3578;

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