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"Unbelievable Product!!!"

July 16, 2012 4 min read

Customer Reviews


"Bought a case at the show and came home to share it with my neighbors and friends. They are amazed! One neighbor has a lawn service and she is using it on her commercial mowers. Another neighbor is a contractor and he is using it on his tools. We love the stuff!" Chris Schmutz, Florida

Both my co-worker and I have electrical backgrounds and our jobs consist of daily installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. After observing a product demonstration, we decided to buy a case of Strike Hold. Today we use it on just about everything we touch, i.e. motor starters, relays, pressure switches, level switches, transmitters, auto parts, UTV parts, and most importantly, as hunters in the South, it's great to clean guns with! Now it's a necessity at the work site and we keep it in inventory so that we always have some on hand. —Keith Thibodaux
It took me 30+ years to find Strike Hold. The wait was well worth it! You see, I am now 65 years old and the Army issued that shovel to me when I was 22. Thanks to Strike Hold, I still have the shovel and it still works like the day I got it. ....I gave a can of this "magic" to each of my closest friends. —Jerry Vasquez, Clearwater Beach, FL
I asked what Strike Hold was at my local gun store. I trust all of their opinions implicitly, so what he said was "Only the greatest thing ever! We even used it on the full autos, including the machine guns." I immediately bought a bottle and tried it on my carry gun. Just perfect. I went back today and got the giant sized spray bottle for guns and other, larger applications. Such a great product! —Mike, on Facebook
Strike Hold does a real good job cleaning my pistols after a day at the range.  As an Army Veteran I have had weapons maintenance drilled into me. I believe this is a very good product at a great price.  —Grant Pahmeier 
The solvent qualities of Strike Hold are amazing. I am in the process of treating all of my firearms with your product. Although these were cleaned and oiled [with another product] before being put away, I can't believe how much material, lead and other residues that your product loosened up. Terrific stuff!   —John Schultz
My 15-year-old son dropped his cell phone in his bath water. The phone would not work or even light up. He took it apart and sprayed Strike Hold on the inside and after a few minutes it started working again. It saved me over $200 for a replacement phone.   —Buddy Melton  (A note from Strike Hold: You should always refer to your warranty before applying any product to your cell phone!)

[We] purchased an above ground pool and when my wife got ready to plug the filter in to the outside outlet that had not been used in over 4 years it would not work and could not get any power to it.  She ran an extension cord from the house to the filter and called an electrician. Fortunately, he could not come for a couple of days. I told my wife to get my 2 oz bottle of Strike Hold and spray the outlet and plug. She did not think it would help but sprayed it anyway. The outlet started working after a few seconds and she called the electrician back and cancelled the service call. This saved me another $125-$150 dollars for the service call and parts. Strike Hold corrected both problems with a few pumps from the bottle. What a great product!!! Thanks, Buddy Melton —Easley, SC. 
Every one of my firearms have been disassembled and conditioned with Strike Hold. The bores have been conditioned also. As temps are still above -20 below, frost still has yet to set on any of them that  have been afield. One of my Ruger Mini 14 rifles has spent close to 30 hours afield with me and, recently when i disassembled it to clean it the Strike Hold was still doing a fine job. Only needed to clean burnt powder and copper from action and bore. The big cold -50 to -65 below are still weeks away, but with what I can see the moisture has not defeated the Strike Hold. I gave the spray can of it to my Smith, he is giving it a try as well. In the past he has used Break Free, gallons of it over the years. I challenge him to prove that Break free can out perform Strike Hold. He is still trying to see which one he would use on his own firearms. He has many firearms he receives from the native villages that have been left in a boat all season. Many more that have hung outside a trapper's cabin all winter, and also kept on a sled all season as well. A good number of them have turned to junk from these practices. On a brief call I just had with him, he has conditioned several of the survivors of these firearms with Strike Hold and sent them back out to the villages. He advises me that he is conditioning one of his rifles with your product and sitting it outside for as week or so to let frost have its way with it. I'm sure that after doing so he will be pleased with the product. —Vic Kennard (Alaska) 

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