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StrikeHold 1 Gallon Jug

  • Next generation in ultimate rust and corrosion protection.
  • Full synthetic propriety formula, not a petroleum based product.
  • Micro capillary action coats and reaches every surface, displaces ALL moisture.
  • Does not attract sand, dust and particulates.
  • Provides a long-lasting dry lubricant, which greatly reduces friction.
  • Removes rust, lead, copper, and prevents carbon build up.
  • Can be repeatedly sprayed onto a surface without gummy build up.
  • Will not harm materials such as rubber, paint, most plastics, and wood finishes.
  • Has a dielectric strength of 40,000 volts!
  • Contains no CFC's or other ozone-depleting substances.
  • Clean, lubricate, and protect with the most advanced all-in-one formula



Strikehold® is a fast-acting, penetrating compound that cuts through dirt, rust, and corrosion, quickly getting into metal parts that have become frozen or encrusted.

Strikehold® provides a long-lasting dry lubricant that reduces friction. It helps dry out wet electrical gears and other water-sensitive parts and will actually improve electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts, including circuitry and connections. Strikehold® protects by providing a shield-like film against the effects of moisture and corrosion, even against salt water, while repelling sand, dirt, and dust.

The dry-to-touch finish does not leave any smell or build-up of residue. The advanced properties are specifically designed to be heavier than water, actively displacing and repelling moisture to protect against corrosion.

The special formula uses advanced nano-technology with incredible capillary action, deploying billions of nano-particles to crawl and spread into every surface space, cutting through dirt, carbon, corrosion, and moisture. Completely cleaning and lubricating throughout. The tiny sphere-shaped particles perform as nano-ball bearings, reducing friction, increasing reliability, and extending the lifespan of most metals.