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Strikehold Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (color varies)

This superior quality microfiber cloth is the perfect complement to any StrikeHold product application. It is lint-free, non-abrasive, machine washable, eco-friendly (green), inexpensive and long lasting.

• Large, 16” x 16” with fully hemmed edges.
• Lint-free and string free.
• Special weave, won’t snag like terry-cloth.
• Non-abrasive, highly effective and durable
  cleaning tool.
• Highly absorbent to gunpowder residue, oil,
  grease, etc.
• Absorbs eight times its own weight in liquid,
  but dries in half the time.
• Contains no silicones, can be used on all
  surfaces including wood.
• Machine washable, can be laundered and
  used hundreds of times!

For international orders & shipping costs, please contact us at info@strikeholdsales.com or Toll Free 1-866-331-0572.